State Line Baptist Church

Portsmouth, NH

On the following pages of this site you will discover what salvation in Christ really means, and why everyone in this world needs to come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. If you are already a believer, we want to encourage you to live your life for Jesus Christ. We pray you would let others know of this site. If you have not yet believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, we implore you to do just that, and that it be TODAY that you enjoy this great gift of Salvation. State Line Baptist Church has one major goal: to reflect the light of Jesus Christ -- the WORD of God -- in this world of spiritual darkness. Our hope is that all will come to know how great Jesus Christ is, and what a blessed life He offers to all who will trust in Him. The site was designed to meet that hope, and to instruct and encourage believers to preach the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Service Times


Main Service at 11:00 AM

Evening Service at 1:30 PM


Prayer Service at 7:00 PM

New to Church?

Meet with our pastor for coffee or lunch! We would love to hear your story and answer any questions about the church.